Policies & Procedures 2017-18

 Welcome to our DDS family!  We are so happy and thankful to have you become a part of our program. Please review our studio policies and procedures listed below. We are happy to work with you in order to provide your dancer with the very best dance instruction possible.  Save this for your reference!

Studio information & Newsletters will be on our website/calendar calling attention to specific items.

ARRIVAL TIMEAll classes begin on time.  Please plan to arrive to class early with a few extra minutes to change shoes & prepare for class.  Students should enter the classroom totally ready to dance.  If you are arriving late to class please get ready outside the classroom and join the class quietly.  DO NOT interrupt the instructor and students. Students should make their explanation after class.

PARENTS PICKING CHILDREN UP EARLY or to CONTACT TEACHERSIf your student is being picked up early, you need something given to them or you need to talk to the teacher, it must be done through the office.  Please do not interrupt any of the classes by entering the room.  Time doesn’t allow for conferences during or in-between classes, teachers can contact you if necessary.  If someone other than you will be picking up your dancer/s, please notify the office with the information on who will be picking them up!

 CLASSROOM ETIQUETTE: Enter the classroom on time, dressed in the proper clothing & shoes, with hair in place.  You the dancer are a part of a team and must be quiet, attentive & respectful of the classmates and instructor/s.  When a correction is made to you specifically, say “Thank You” as you are receiving special attention to help you improve your performance.  Dancers are encouraged to ask questions if done in a polite manner.  Remember the teacher will make all corrections and comments, that isn’t your job!  Dance bags and belongings are to be placed on the shelves in the classrooms during class, not in the halls. Good behavior and cooperation is expected, parents will be notified if any specific issues arise.  Applaud your instructor at the end of each class; they have put their time & energy into planning & teaching your class.  Cell phones must be turned off in class

Dress code for classes:  See below for specific class requirements.  Dancers need to arrive to class dressed properly (please see below) — hair tied back, buns preferred for females, no jewelry.  No baggy clothes that will prevent the instructor from seeing the body alignment — exceptions for hip-hop and Musical Theater.  It is important mentally & physically for the dancers to be dressed properly.  Just as you would not arrive to swimming class in school clothes, you should not arrive to dance in play/street clothes. In addition, proper shoes are required. Dancers arriving to class in inappropriate or revealing clothing will not be permitted to dance that day.  Jeans are not allowed for any classesPlease put their name on all shoes & equipment. DO NOT WEAR YOUR DANCE SHOES OUTSIDE. 

Males(all classes except Hip Hop) Black pants, long or cut off at the knee and a white t-shirt!  No Jeans or pajama pants!

HIP HOP:  Any comfortable dance clothing is acceptable, Black Converse type high tops no bare feet. Hair tied back in ponytail.  Leotard & tights w/dance shorts are acceptable.  No Jeans or pajama pants!

JAZZ & TAP, CONTEMPORARY & LYRICALLycra/Spandex Jazz pants, biker or booty shorts, conservative bra top, dance tank top or leotard. Jazz/tap shoes. All jazz technique need jazz boots. No tennis shoes or bare feet. Hair tied back in a bun.

BALLET: Girls: Hair in a bun. Solid colored leotard, tights and pink ballet shoes. Ballet skirts are permitted, but must be an actual Ballet skirt.

COMBO ClassesLeotard and tights, shoes (see below), fitted dance shorts (spandex dance shorts permitted), hair in ponytail or bun. Ballet Skirt permitted.

MODERN: Leotard, no tights, and barefoot, hair in ponytail or bun.

MUSICAL THEATERComfortable, modest, loose fitting clothing or dance clothing, Jazz Boots.  No Jeans!

Pointe and Pre-PointeHair in a bun. Solid colored leotard, tights, ballet skirts are permitted and Pointe shoes when approved.

Pom PonsJazz boots, Lycra/Spandex Jazz pants, biker or booty shorts, conservative bra top, dance tank top or leotard. Hair tied back or in a bun.

SHOESSee below for specific requirements. You are not required to buy required dance clothing & shoes from the studio; however these items are available for your convenience at competitive pricing.   We suggest you order them soon to avoid delays.

Combo Classes:

Prk- 1, 2, Combo Class 0/1   Caramel colored buckle tap shoes & pink ballet shoes

Combo Class 2/3    Caramel Tap Boot & Caramel Jazz Boot

Combo Class 4-6     Black Tap Boot & Caramel Jazz Boot

Technique classes:

Jazz, Poms & Musical Theater:  Caramel Jazz Boots                   Hip Hop & Musical Theater: Black Converse Type high tops

Lyrical & Contemporary:   ½ Ballet Shoes                                       Modern & Acro:   Barefoot or as directed by teacher

Tap:  Refer to Levels In Combo Class above                                          Pointe:   Pink Ballet Shoe or Pointe shoe (if approved)

Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoe


Tuition:  Is based on a monthly rate. Classes meet an average of four times each month, with some meeting three times one month and five times another month.  Tuition is due by the 26th of the month (example: October tuition is due September 26th) Unless Auto Pay option is selected then the 1st of each month. We do not send bills unless you are past due. If paid on time you will have a chance to receive the next month’s tuition free!  Tuition can be paid by cash, check or charge.  You can register with us to do an automatic charge to your account each month, or with your bank to have a draft sent from your bank monthly.  Please contact the office if your bill becomes past due, as students will not be allowed to continue classes without payment.

Make-Up ClassesAttendance is crucial to learning; students are encouraged to attend “make-up” classes following absences. Contact the office for times. No refunds for missed classes. Please phone the studio if your child will be absent.

FOODPlease, do not bring food, drinks or gum in the dance rooms. Only water is permitted in the classrooms and every dancer should have their water bottle labeled.  There is a refrigerator & microwave available for the students.  No “to-go” drink cups are allowed at any time.  Please remind your dancer to clean/pick up after him/herself and that the sink is not a garbage disposal!   Popcorn will be banned if the floors appear to have had popcorn fights, or they continue to burn it.

Snow PolicyPhone the studio; check online at KSDK.com, KMOV.com, Fox2 Now, or www.denoyerdance.com,

Information available after:    8:00 am for daytime classes          2:00 pm for evening classes

If weather conditions deteriorate during business hours, please call or check the above before venturing out! Use your best judgment, Better safe than sorry.

Please do not allow students to bring iPods or any other expensive piece of equipment with them. DeNoyer Dance is not responsible for lost, broken or stolen items.  Cell phones must be turned off while in class.

REHEARSAL & RECITALS and COSTUMES: Each dance season, there is a fabulous recital shows the middle of June.  Please reserve the dates:  Recital Rehearsals:  Sunday, May 20th, schedule to be announced.  Recitals: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, June 12 &13th, performances to be announced.  Our Dancers from ages 3 to adult will participate in the recital.  The Recital is optional; however 99.9% of our dancers do participate.  This is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to showcase to both family and friends what they have learned throughout their experience in our program.  Parents, you will receive specific information regarding rehearsal times, show dates and costumes in the spring.  Students are measured for costumes in late November and early December. Costumes are ordered in late December.  A $20 payment will be due with the November tuition, with the balance due with the February tuition.  Parents/students opting out of the Recital performance must inform the office in writing by December 1st.  There will be a Rehearsal/Recital fee per family due in May, amount to be determined.


Our goal…

To provide the highest quality dance education while instilling poise and self-confidence to last a lifetime.


QUESTIONSPlease feel free to contact us at any time you have questions or are unclear on the above-mentioned policies. Call us at (314) 416-0041 or e-mail us at denoyerdance@gmail.com.   Visit our website for the most current information and schedules: www.denoyerdance.com

TO CONTACT USSeason: September 6th – June 12th   Monday – Thursday 4pm – 9pm    Saturday 9am – Noon

 6101-03 Baumgartner Crossing      St. Louis, MO.    63129

Phone:  314-416-0041     Email:  denoyerdance@gmail.com         Websitewww.denoyerdance.com


Please remember:  “If you like what we do tell others, if not, tell us!”  We can’t fix something if we aren’t aware it is broken!




Calendar 2017 -2018

Classes begin:  Wednesday, September 6th

Halloween:  No Classes:  Tuesday October 31st

Thanksgiving Holiday:  Begins:  Wednesday, November 22nd – Classes resume:  Monday, November 27th

Christmas HolidayBegins:  Monday, December 18th –Classes resume:  Tuesday Jan 2nd, 2018

Spring Break:  Begins:  Thursday, March 29th – Classes Resume:  Monday April 2nd

Memorial Day Holiday:  Saturday May 26th – Monday May 28th

Recital Rehearsal:  Sunday, May 20st Schedule TBA

Recitals:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, June 12 & 13th   Performances to be announced.