Our program offers students the opportunity to grow and develop as happy, healthy, talented individuals. Our dance program emphasizes camaraderie and teamwork. The confidence, poise and self-esteem gained through our instruction are invaluable tools for every student. The discipline fostered through training and dedication will be an asset in all phases of your child’s life.




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    FEEL GOOD FRIDAYS from 5-8pm Please check out the website for times.

    Core Stability/Resistance:This class is designed to focus on the development and strength of the core using techniques found in Pilates, Abdominal workouts, and resistance of gravity as well as incorporating a theraband. No prior experience is required

    Dance Cardio:This class is designed to target a high intensity cardio respiratory workout by using energetic and repetitious movement in a fun atmosphere. No prior experience required.

    Mind and Body:This Class is designed to focus on Healthful practices and understanding of stretching Techniques. Students will learn anatomical verbiage and build a better foundation by which to continue developing their range of motion. No prior experience required.

    Conditioning Classes: Body Conditioning Class- promise an all-round workout for all parts of your body, They’re a high energy, High impact session combining aerobics and toning in one class.We will kick off with aerobics style cardio to energizing music and then move on to resistance work. our trained instructor will make sure you are always exercising safety and effectively and make sure you are getting what you want out of the session.

    Yoga:We will have a certified Yoga Instructor Teaching classes Schedule will be on Friday but times will be announced soon.

  • Dance Team, you should have all received your contracts and schedules, if not please contact the office!